We offer FREE World Wide Shipping.  

Some of our items are shipped directly from our warehouse in the USA, while others may be shipped directly from our vendors overseas. Shipping times is delayed and vary; we aim to process and ship your order within 3-5 business days, and because of some shipping delays and high shipping volume, delivery can be between 14 - 21 working days.   

Occasionally, orders do get delayed when entered the country. With inspections and customs packages can be stuck for up to 1 - 2 weeks with no updates to the tracking. This is fairly uncommon, but it does happen. If your order is stuck and hasn't moved for several days, unfortunately, there's nothing that can be done to get it moving again, besides simply waiting it out so I thank you ahead of time for your patience.

I listed the wrong shipping address by mistake!
Unfortunately, this is something beyond our control as we us an automated system that copies and pastes exactly what you list as your shipping address. With that, we can not accept any responsibility for customers listing incorrect information. In this situation, I would advise you to contact your post office as soon as possible for guidance.

All customers are responsible for providing an accurate shipping address and monitoring their order(s) while in transit as important updates are often added to the tracking information. I.E. "Delivery failed - package is waiting at the local post office for the next XX days before it's returned to sender."

Occasionally, there may be an issue or a problem with shipping, which is unfortunately out of our control, and comes down to the individual shipping service used, and any possible security/customs hold-up's. If your item has not arrived in the time specified above, please Contact our Customer Service Team who will be able to assist you further.

We are still facing some worldwide shipping problem: See mote details from CNN: https://www.cnn.com/2021/08/23/business/global-supply-chains-christmas-shipping/index.html