Ruffled Skirt Couch Cover Slipcover

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Make an elegant statement throughout your home with our Luxury Burgundy Ruffled Skirt Couch Cover Slipcover. This exclusive couch cover slipcover design features full ruffled skirting and brings a fresh garden feeling into any room and looks equally at home with any decor. Our couch cover has excellent elastic function, covering perfect even the back of the sofa, providing full protection to the sofa. This couch cover slipcover could help protect your furniture from the daily tear, spills, stains and so on while provides an easy, relaxed and wrinkle-resistant fit. It is a great choice for homes with children pets. The fit is easy, relaxed and features a wrinkle-resistant finish for easy care.


1-SEATER: Fits most chairs up to 27-47 Inch / 70-120 cm 

2-SEATER: Fits most couch up to 47-67 Inch / 120-170 cm

3-SEATER: Fits most couch up to 67-86 Inch / 170-220 cm

4-SEATER: Fits most couch up to 86-118 Inch / 220-300 cm


FITS MOST SOFA: Our couch covers are suited for most types sofa, like fabric sofa, futon, or leather sofa with gap. Also will fit chaise lounge couch.

1-SEATER: Fits most chairs up to 35-55 Inch / 90-140 cm 

2-SEATER: Fits most couch up to 57-72 Inch / 145-185 cm

3-SEATER: Fits most couch up to 75-90 Inch / 190-230 cm

4-SEATER: Fits most couch up to 92-118 Inch / 235-300 cm

L SHAPED, U-SHAPED, and SECTIONAL Couch: If your sofa is a L-Shaped, U-Shaped, or Sectional Couch, you will need to order at least two pieces to fit your sofa correctly.  

Couch Covers Measurement Guide 

Ruffled Skirt Couch Cover Slipcover

Customer Reviews

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Casey K.

Ruffled Skirt Couch Cover Slipcover

Alexandra O.

Ruffled Skirt Couch Cover Slipcover

Juanita V.

Nice case. Pillowcases are also good. Exactly as in the seller's photo. Without marriage and smell. Does not shed. Perfectly Fit in size. Asked the seller to send pillowcases of different colors. He did it. The parcel was tracked. The seller and I recommend it.

Clementine C.

The cover is excellent. Not thin, odorless, sewn neatly. Delivery within 10 days. In reality, the color is slightly pink than in the photo. The color of the ruffles is slightly different from the color of the cover itself. Чехол реально классный. НО! если у вас есть кошки - лучше его не брать. Будет весь в затяжках от когтей((

Bruce R.

Nice case. I did not hide a very fresh appearance of the plating. Figured out not immediately how to pull it on the sofa, from which side.))) but, this is a non-standard sofa. Thank you seller.