Solid Color Futon Covers

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Looking for a home décor makeover and save some money while giving your home an instant new look? Reinvent your Futon Sofa bed with our futon cover slipcovers. Breathe new life into your futon and protect it  rather than replacing the entire piece. Changing the style of your Futon with our covers is one of the easiest ways to breathe new life into your seating - and your living room. 


Our Futon Sofa bed Couch Cover Slipcover will transform your futon in a new style.  It will bring a stunning style to your home décor while keeping your furniture protected from pet hair, spills, stains, and save you money.  We have many more futon couch cover slipcover than Ikea, Surefit, Wayfair, Amazon or any other reseller to choose from in a variety of colors, styles, and materials to help you find something that suits your style (no matter how often it changes). 

PROTECTION: Protect your favorite futon from guest, spills, stains, wear and tear while giving your home decor an instant and affordable makeover.

AFFORDABLE: Don’t spend a fortune buying new futon when our covers can bring back its aesthetics and functionality.

FITS MOST FUTON: Our futon covers are suited for most types of couch like fabric couch or leather couch with gaps.  


Material: 92% polyester + 8% spandex 

Small size:
Seat cushion width: 17.71-21.65in / 45-55cm
Bed width: 35.43-43.3in / 90-110cm
Futon length: 70.87-82.68in / 180-210cm
Backrest height: 17.71-21.65in / 45-55cm
Futon cushion thickness: 7.87-11.81in / 20-30cm
Large size:
Seat cushion width: 21.65-25.59in / 55-65cm
Bed width: 45.28-51.18in / 115-130cm 
Futon length: 70.87-82.68in / 180-210cm
Backrest height: 21.65-25.59in / 55-65cm
Futon cushion thickness: 7.87-11.81in / 20-30cm

FITS MOST SOFA: Our couch covers are suited for most types sofa, like fabric sofa, futon, or leather sofa with gap. Also will fit chaise lounge couch.

1-SEATER: Fits most chairs up to 35-55 Inch / 90-140 cm 

2-SEATER: Fits most couch up to 57-72 Inch / 145-185 cm

3-SEATER: Fits most couch up to 75-90 Inch / 190-230 cm

4-SEATER: Fits most couch up to 92-118 Inch / 235-300 cm

L SHAPED, U-SHAPED, and SECTIONAL Couch: If your sofa is a L-Shaped, U-Shaped, or Sectional Couch, you will need to order at least two pieces to fit your sofa correctly.  

Couch Covers Measurement Guide 

Solid Color Futon Covers

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David O.I.


Ebba Y.

Leather Head bed of leather, peeled, unsightly faucet to obscure the fit cover for the purchased multi-size perfect fit and unbecoming four key

Haleigh K.

Solid Color Futon Covers

Alisa H.

Parfait. Même si la housse est très fine, elle permet de faire un joli rendu. De plus, elles sont lavables en machine à 30 degrés, et ça c'est très appréciable. Je suis donc très satisfaite pour le prix du rendu dans mon salon, car cela permet de rendre uniforme mes 2 canapés.

Emmett T.

Solid Color Futon Covers